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Lineless Icons
Minimalism Icon: Benjamin Wolvenhour by KingGigabyte
These are just color and such. No Lines no shading, just colors. Any species goes, humans as well !  Contact me if you are interested and when I confirm your slot send the points to my donation pool.
Journal Skin
Sully Skin by KingGigabyte
Sao Journal Skin by KingGigabyte
Giga skin v5 by KingGigabyte
These are for custom drawn art journal skins. I currently do not have an example of those but I do of my previous skins i've coded with premade art. If you are interested in one please send me a note and we can discuss the details. You also get a free hand drawn cursor to go with your skin as well.
Mouse cursors
Impy Cursor by KingGigabyte
Send me a message if you'd like a cursor, Any species humans, animals and more.  When I accept your slot please send the points to my donation pool. Not the commission widget.
Bouncey Icons
Halloween COM: Tonic (Updated) by KingGigabyte
Halloween Icons ! by KingGigabyte
It's 100 :points: for a couples icon. 50 :points: for a single bounce. Send me a message if you want one and send the points to my donation pool !
Minimalist Face Icons
.:: At: Face Icon: Cherry ::. by KingGigabyte
.:: AT: Face Icon: Taty ::. by KingGigabyte
.:: AT: Face Icon: xxjinxxy-biohazr3dxx ::. by KingGigabyte
You get a 400x400 and a 100x100 version. I can do almost any animal but I don't think humans would come out very well so be warned. These are close up face icons ! Send the payment to my donation pool and send me a message if you'd like one ! Don't send the payment until I confirm your slot though.


:iconda-superjail: :iconturbo-time: :iconevery-oc: :iconturbo-twins-fanclub:

Art Stuff

Commission Info

Point Commission Prices :points:

DA Icons - 80:points:
Couples Icon - 100 :points:
Group Icon - 100 :points:
Journal Dolls - 150 :points:
Headshot Sketches - 200 :points:
Colored Headshots - 250 :points:
Dev ID - 300 :points:
Custom Journal Skin - 800 :points:
Custom Fan Button - 5 :points:
Custom Stamp - 5 :points:

I don't offer animation just yet !

Art I Owe

This list only covers DeviantARt, For a full list of what I owe please check my Art Queue button on the top of my profile ! Thank you.


SKuRRly - Lrg-50%done by L3Moon-Studios


ProfessorPemzini - Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios
MusicOfLuie - Lrg-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
:devPsionicKyube: - Lrg Red Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios
ChoscaBella - Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios
Woulphie - Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios
Cobalt-Punk - Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios
Sora-la - Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios


Payments I Owe

AmberTDD - Giga Plush 0/150
Haunted-Rat-Studios - Rat Suit 0/960

Art Owed To Me

TheCreatorsEye - Tons of Stuff
Frindle - Hypno Icon,Art Trade, cup, and conbadge
ProfessorPemzini - Giga and their bug being cute
Moroxide-odahmar - Turbo and twins
SeagullProphet - Puppet and BadgeBuddy (Waiting on my part of the trade)
Tigerman-exe - Lots of things

Future Commission Plans

Thyloguy - Thought Journal Skin
AmberTDD - Plushies of TTCrew and King Giga
TheCreatorsEye - lots of stuff
PhoenixPhlox - Portriat
MATicDesignS - Custom Turbo IMVU avatar
emilySculpts - Giga Sculpture and kcb
Camaro-Tiretracks - Greaser Impy
KaleiC - Impy
WinterBolt - Impy
ProfessorPemzini - Turbo or GIga
Dezzoi - Turbo
Lain444 - Wendigo-ler
keyace - more headshots !

Giga's Swag Friends

These people are some of my closets friends on this site. I enjoy all of the memories and fun we've had and shared between eachother. All of you are held dear to my heart and I hope to create many more memories with you all. Never stop being great. Even if some of us don't speak to each other much you'll never stop being my friend.

Pumpkin Divider Solo Face - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin Divider Solo Face - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin Divider Solo Face - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


People that Inspire Me

Whether or not we may be acquaintances, friends, or we don't know each other. These people are a huge inspiration to me and my work.

Bouncing Candy Corn Divider by SquishyAlpacaBouncing Candy Corn Divider by SquishyAlpaca


DA Family










Turbo Icons



:iconturbosadplz: :iconturbotasticcryplz: :iconturbosmileplz: :iconturbotasticplz: :iconturbocomeatmeplz: :iconturbotasticspeechplz: :iconturboomgplz: :iconturbothumbsupplz: :iconturbobigsmileplz: :iconturbotrollplz: :iconturbowtfplz: :iconturbojumpplz: :iconturbocrazyplz: :iconiconturbofaceplz: :iconturboicon-angryplz: :iconturboracingplz: :iconturbothinkplz: :iconturbogrinplz: :iconturbotasticfaceplz: :iconturbochibiplz: :iconturbosneerplz: :iconturbowidegrinplz: :iconturbocameplz: :iconturbomischiefplz: :iconhappyturboplz: :iconmistertplz: :iconseriousturboplz: :iconturbohairplz: :iconturbyplz: :iconcorruptturboplz: :iconwhymeturboplz: :iconturbodeathglareplz: :iconturboyunoplz: :iconturbo-tasticplz: :iconturbodisgustplz: :iconturbodark: :iconturborageplz: :iconturbotappersplz: :iconturbo-bigsmileplz: :iconturbobig-smileplz: :iconturboevilplz: :iconturbosmirkplz: :iconturbohandsupplz: :iconturbokingcandyplz: :iconturbowierdsmileplz: :iconturboupsetplz: :iconturboglitchingplz: :iconturbostandingplz: :iconpervyturboplz::iconturbotoungeplz::iconturbo-upsetplz::iconturbobadassplz::iconturbodatassplz:

Turbo Twins

:iconturbotwinsplz: :iconturbotwinplz: :iconturbotwinwaveplz: :iconturbotwinsingleplz: :iconturbotwinwtfplz: :iconturbotwinbigdealplz: :iconturbotwinracingplz: :iconturbotwinlaughplz: :iconturbotwinangry1plz: :iconturbotwinangry2plz: :iconturbotwinsmileplz: :iconturbotwinpissedplz: :iconturbotwinupsetplz: :iconturbotwintrollplz: :iconturbotwinsmirkplz: :iconturbotwinangryplz: :iconturbotwingrinplz: :iconturbotwinwhatplz: :iconturbotwineyecloseplz: :iconturbotwinfaceplz: :iconturbotwinhairplz: :iconttshieldplz::iconturbotwinicon-angplz::iconturbotwinicon-happlz:


Fuck Turbo by TheArtOfNotLikingYoureal men identify as men by BaconMagicSelf taught artist - stamp by Eirene86Stamp request from lilyyx-x by Little-rolling-beanI love TEA stamp by RRRAIi love my DS stamp (black version) by RRRAII love my TABLET stamp by RRRAIWreck-It Ralph-80's Boyfriends Stamp by Skunky-TasticStamp: I Read BANNED Books by tranimation-artPaganism is Not Satanism by linawifeofLStamp: Your own path. by 8manderz8Really by SoraJayhawk77Frozen is Overrated Stamp by SoraJayhawk77Opinions can Change by SoraJayhawk77Bullying makes you a loser by SoraJayhawk77And you say you love animals by Little-rolling-beanNo dArama for thieves by prosaixDA CHILDRENNNNNNNNN!!1!infinity!!!1!11! by Little-rolling-beanNo Drama Stamp 2 by StampsbyJenMy Attitude by Fyi-SusWreck-It Ralph-80's Boyfriends Stamp by Skunky-TasticGTFO beggars by prosaixNOte Spam Stamp V2 by HlTLERit's turbo-time by Pharaoh-InkWreck-It Ralph-80's Boyfriends Stamp by Skunky-TasticKing Candy by Pharaoh-InkKing Candybug Stamp by risaXrisawreck-it ralph stamp by Pharaoh-InkSonic Stamp by CriWolfyAnimalaboo level: Everything is abuse. by Little-rolling-beanSonic Generations Loading Stamp by DbzbabeSkylanders Cynder Stamp by RadSpyroFor Spyro's Sake... by BatLover800Skylanders Dark Spyro Stamp by sapphire3690(Request) Two Brothers Stamp by SoraJayhawk77HKM!: Monzter Stamp by NimbusBloodFangTurbo-Tastic Wreck-It Ralph Stamp by RadSpyrolove Creepy pasta stamp by stamp by SpikytasticI don't mind MLP Porn by SoraJayhawk77Plants vs. Zombies by Jt-ClrkZorua stamp by ZoruaDigimon stamp by WuckoGreymon Stamp by ThunderbirmonMetalGreymon Stamp by ThunderbirmonGrowlmon Stamp by ThunderbirmonGabumon Stamp by ThunderbirmonExVeemon Stamp by ThunderbirmonBirdramon Stamp by ThunderbirmonRenamon Stamp 2 by ThunderbirmonGodzilla Stamp by rachguerreroRampage Stamp by StampPKUKaiju Love Stamp by SpikytasticNot the mama stamp Dinosaurs by Strange-little-catGotta Love Me Baby Stamp by chat-noir(Remake) I support LGTB Stamp by SoraJayhawk77Paper Mario 64 Stamp by SoraJayhawk77Stamp: Satanist by 8manderz8It's Not the Same by GhostsandDecayStamp: Pagan by 8manderz8Stamp: Free-Thinker by 8manderz8



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80 / 4,000

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States


About Me

Artist | Intermediate | Sculpture, Digtal Art, Artisan Crafts

Other Accounts

:iconkingofadoptables: - Adoptables for sale
:iconwikitronics: - Crafts for Sale !
:iconorgasmic-taco: - Hilariously bad collab comic with my best friend hellasexual

Polyamory :Badge: by Circe-Baka28 - Lil Bade - Male by PokeartKidLB - Pansexual by Nironan12Transgender-Badge by Dinoclaws

Pumpkin Divider Small - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin Divider Small - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

I'm a practioner of Laveyan Satanism and Neo Paganism Regardless of this I love learning about religions and I respect all religions.

Yis hello, I'm newbie at CSS and an artist. I love making art and playing video games and eating tacos.

Did I say I love tacos, Tacos are life, Tacos are love ok. Yo, TACOS. I love taco bell man.

I also take art commissions and I love making journal skins. I've become very good at them lately ! I even made my own with some template code my friend sent me. I built on it a lot to make it more interesting and bigger and so far it's my favorite skin.

When I first made them they where really over complicated, any way My fursona is a giant cyborg Moth and my other Fursona is a green and black Kangaroo Dragon monster thing. They both love tacos and both have chibi forms.

King Gigabyte is the red and black moth monster and Majy is the green fella. I also LOVE Kaiju and giant monsters. I love smash em up games to and platformer games. Also I love Mtn Dew and DELICIOUS TACOS.

I am addicted to exercise and a beginner Fursuit Maker. I love to do crafts and I plan to learn how to sew and open up my company WikiTronics. Keep an eye out for that to. Some times I go by the Alias: Angry Radio Box or The Burrito Bandito. If not I use my two main ones King Gigabyte and Dr.Insanity. The Latter Represents my Sona.

Turbo Doll by hellasexualMajy Journal Doll by hellasexualJex by hellasexual

Wimpy Wimp by Moroxide-odahmar

Happy Halloween by CitricLily Purrfect-Witch Divider (Animated) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


Upcoming Hiatus

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 29, 2014, 3:34 PM

When I finish all of my owed art i'm going to be taking a massive hiatus. I'm getting way to overwhelmed and burnt out and I want some time to refine my own style. I will how ever be selling premades, adopts, ychs, and other stuff between then so. 

As a bonus i'm able to rp again officially 

Journal Skin by KingGigabyte
Art by Kinkachu


Upcoming Hiatus

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 29, 2014, 3:34 PM

When I finish all of my owed art i'm going to be taking a massive hiatus. I'm getting way to overwhelmed and burnt out and I want some time to refine my own style. I will how ever be selling premades, adopts, ychs, and other stuff between then so. 

As a bonus i'm able to rp again officially 

Journal Skin by KingGigabyte
Art by Kinkachu

Laptop Broke

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 28, 2014, 6:41 PM

I'll be looking at laptops, :icontigerman-exe: gonna try to find me some nice ones on ebay to look at so it could be a few weeks. I'll try to get my faexchange submission done asap. So hopefully I shouldn't be too late.

I have my parents pc to use so. It's easier to draw and I didn't lose any thing thanks to dropbox. Well not that I know of any way. It was bound to happen sooner or later. The laptop isn't really worth trying to fix and the charger finally went on it. I expected the motherboard to go first honestly.

Its really torn up and held together with tape so hopefully I can get something. I probably could refurbish it at some point when I have the money to do so though.

Journal Skin by KingGigabyte
Art by Kinkachu



 photo tumblr_mssj2wk0WX1sozjwko1_400_zpsa444414c.png


Please Read

Sorry - No Points by Metadream

I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh

I don't need to be thanked unless you wanna give me a llama or something. I watch and fav your art because it's awesome ! If you really must leave a thank you; I wont stop you but I probably won't answer it.


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That means a lot to me *-*


If you are interessted feel free to check out my Facebook page for more cosplay pics and updates!

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